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DisneyParksLIVE: Watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks From Magic Kingdom Park December 31

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and the DisneyParksLIVE team is ready to ring the new year in right – with YOU, live from Magic Kingdom Park!

The next #DisneyParksLIVE stream will take place New Year’s Eve. The fun begins at 11:45 p.m. (EST), when we’ll begin the countdown to 2018 with a special performance of “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks live from Magic Kingdom Park.

You’ll be able to watch the live stream from a link on the Disney Parks Blog website a few minutes before the coverage begins.

Have a Happy New Year from the WDW Pensieve!

012 November 06, 2015 – Magic Kingdom Rope Drop Ceremony


Welcome to Memory Thread number 12 in the WDW Pensieve.

At least once during our trip to Walt Disney World, we make it a point to catch the Magic Kingdom Rope Drop Ceremony.


For those that have never experienced this daily event, you’ve been missing out.

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Campus Radio Station To Feature Audio From The WDW Pensieve

Niagara University’s campus radio station in New York, will air some original binaural attraction audio from The WDW Pensieve this Thursday, September 24 at 8:30p.m. EDT.


“Disney Thursday Throwback” will take listeners on a tour of the Magic Kingdom during the next few weeks. Some of the audio will be supplied by The WDW Pensieve to give listeners more of a sense of being at Walt Disney World.

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010 August 26, 2015 – The Hall of Presidents


Join us for a binaural audio visit to The Hall of Presidents.

During our annual trip to Walt Disney World, back in March, onHall of Presidentse of the places we stopped to take a short break and recharge was one of the original opening-day attractions, the Hall of Presidents.

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VIDEO: Tiny Hamster Has Huge Adventure At Magic Kingdom

Proving that even the tiniest guest can experience Disney magic, Tiny Hamster, the latest Internet sensation who drew attention hamster-disney-worldonline with his video Tiny Hamster Eats Tiny Burritos, recently stopped by the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World to try out tiny versions of some of the park’s tastiest treats, such as churros, turkey legs and even mini Dole Whips. Of course, he also stopped by a few favorite park attractions, including scaled-down versions of The Haunted Mansion and Mad Tea Party.

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