DVR ALERT: TCM’s Latest Trip Into The Disney Vault

The third installment of TCM’s exploration of the Disney Vault will air Thursday, July 2nd.

Copyright: TCM/Disney

Copyright: TCM/Disney

Treasures of the Disney Vault begins at 8:00p.m. EDT with 1937’s Hawaiian Holiday and will end Friday, July 3rd with the 4:00a.m. EDT showing of 1969’s Rascal.

In between will be such Disney treasures as Johnny Tremain, The Living Desert, and The Liberty Story will be shown.

Each feature will be introduced by host Leonard Maltin, a distinguished Disney historian who will help place the feature into the context of its time and educate the viewer on what they’re about to see.

Since the programming runs overnight, be sure to set your DVR to catch every Disney-filled moment!

For a complete listing of the features and the airing schedule, be sure to visit TCM.

Let us know in the comments below how you enjoyed this trip into the Disney Vaults.


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